Past and present come together in an inimitable crucible of colours, finishes and textures in the world of decoration. Marble is truly a synonym for luxury and exclusivity.

• It is not surprising that since Antiquity this has been the material chosen by the great masters for sculpting their most spectacular works. Who can forget Michelangelo’s David or the Pietà, or the breathtaking beauty of the Venus of Milo, all of them skilfully worked in this Natural Stone. Because its mere presence in any ambience brings us closer to the grandeur of Imperial Rome or the elegance and sensuality of the Renaissance.
• Onyx company has succeeded in providing a legendary material boasting exceptional qualities that place it at the forefront of the most stringent decorative demands.
• In multiple finishes and textures, the collection comprises more than thirty types of coloured marbles, each more elegant and sophisticated than the next.

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