Quartz Surfaces are hygienic state-of-the-art surfaces with nonporous high durability, nonporous texture and high quality polymers (binders) made up of 93% quartz, with high resistance against scratching, abrasion, staining and chemicals. Requiring minimum maintenance, it is a building material with outstanding performance thanks to technical and physical features which facilitates use in kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, walls and facade linings, benches and various special application areas.

1. To add value to your living spaces, natural quartz mineral is obtained after going through different processes to add a wide range of different colors and surface designs.
2. As one of the hardest semi-precious mineral stones, whose solidity rate is 7 Mohs, quartz equips the surfaces with high scratch and abrasion resistance.
3. It is resistant against staining thanks to its chemical resistance.

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